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Modus partners with meticulously vetted developers, responsible for some of the most prestigious projects across the UK.

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Rest easy knowing our team of experts, alongside accredited banks, conduct rigorous due diligence and monitoring.

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Take control of your financial future with Modus, where lucrative RWA returns meet prudent risk management.

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Our returns average 15-20% APR, based on historical data. 


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We’ve partnered with Sudo Capital

The team at Sudo Capital are specialists in UK-based real estate development, with more than 40 years of experience in the development industry.

Meet our Property director

Mark spent over a decade at the National Australia Group through its UK based brands of Yorkshire and Clydesdale Bank. Managing a book of £250,000,000, he has evaluated thousands and overseen hundreds of property developments giving him unique market insight.

Proven Projects

Via extensive networks with contractors, lenders and brokers across the UK we benefit from having access to some of the most sought-after development projects as soon as they become available. Have a look at some past projects via the pins on the map.

Bargate House

Bargate House

Broadwater House, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Broadwater House,
Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

The Old Bank House

Old Bank House
Southborough, Kent

Popham gate

Canberra Place

Canberra Place
Richmond, London

Popham gate

Junction Mews

1 and 3 Junction Mews
Paddington W1, London

SC Small

Torriano Mews

Torriano Mews
Kentish Town, London

SC Small

Ponfield House, London, W9

Pond Field House
London, W9

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