MODUS Token Sale

The Modus Token pre-sale is coming in Q3 2024!

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Our early community members will be rewarded with preferential rates on MODUS member’s Tokens! 

How much $MODUS do i Need ?

I want to invest up to: $100 per project
I Need 4,500 $MODUS
Initial price
per token
*No longer want to be a member? Easily sell your membership tokens to someone else!
Welcome to the community!
$MODUS is your membership

Modus is a members-only decentralised application built on blockchain technology. Features such as web3 wallet connectivity, KYC integration and one-click document signing provide a secure and automated experience.

Built on AirDAO Mainnet, Modus enables transparent, low cost and almost instant transactions to take place. $MODUS Token holders benefit from transparent verifiable returns on their allocations and a predictable token burn protocol.



More than just an access to token.

MODUS is designed to reward you over time.

Listing fees from developers are used to buy back and burn tokens making MODUS deflationary

Membership tiers encourage purchase of MODUS to increase limits on investment

Finite MODUS token supply creates demand as the platform & community grows


Total Supply
Initial Circulation
Team Vesting
1 Months


$MODUS tokens in the treasury are used for first come first serve early liquidation of positions.

Reserve Replenishment

$MODUS tokens that have been used to cover liquidations are replenished.


Stake $MODUS on the Modus dApp to unlock the ability to invest and attain voting rights.

Token Burn

Developer fees are used to programmatically buy back and burn $MODUS tokens.