Investing in Property Development – Incredibly simple to get started






How Can I Invest in Property Development?


The world of real estate investment has long been a domain of opportunity for the privileged few, but what if there was a way to democratise this space and allow everyone to participate in property development projects? 


Thanks to advancements in blockchain technology, Modus has emerged as a trailblazer in bringing decentralised property development investment to the masses. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can invest in property development through the Modus platform for as little as $100.


Why Property Development?


Property investment has been historically prized for its stable returns and security. The UK’s housing shortage has fueled growing demand for properties, contributing to its reputation as a secure hub for foreign direct investment.


The UK housing market has outperformed the stock market by a significant margin since 1989, driven by factors such as governmental stability, fundamental human needs, and rental yields. Modus recognises that accessing development projects can be challenging for many professionals, giving birth to their platform’s idea.



Investing in Projects: A Step-by-Step Guide 


💳 1. Setup Wallet & Access Modus dApp: Create an Ethereum Wallet such as Metamask and connect it to the website


💻 2. Verify Identity & Choose Tier: Complete KYC verification through SumSub link then select your preferred tier. 


🪙 3. Get $MODUS Tokens: Add $Modus tokens to your wallet. 


📊 4. Stake Tokens: Connect your wallet to Modus dApp. Navigate to ‘Staking’ and stake $MODUS tokens.


🏠 5. Invest in Projects: Explore the available projects. Input $USDC amount, confirm, sign the agreement and finalise via the platform. ✅




How Can I Get $MODUS 


You can purchase $MODUS tokens through the Modus site. Project Return Tokens (PRTs) accumulate as projects mature, with targeted annual returns of approximately 15%. At maturity, both Project Tokens (PTs) and PRTs can be swapped 1:1 into $USDC, enabling investors to collect their principal and return. Early liquidation allows swapping PTs and PRTs into equivalent value in $MODUS.






By utilising blockchain technology, Modus is creating a more affordable and inclusive investment, that promises a return on investment. Find out more about how you can invest just $100 into your first property development over on our Discord. Make sure you are following our social channel’s to stay in the loop about developments and giveaways.